City Hall

207 8th Avenue, Belle Plaine, Iowa 52208

Phone: 319-444-2200 Fax: 319-444-2113


Monday – Friday 8:30am until 5pm & Thursdays until 8pm

Offices in City Hall include the Mayor, City Administrator, City Clerk, Parks & Recreation and Police.  The Council Chambers are located in City Hall with meetings the 1st and 3rd Wednesday’s of each month at 6:00 p.m.  Other regular meetings in City Hall include the Park & Rec meeting the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. and  Planning & Zoning Committee meetings are as determined.

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Businessservice Directory by Catagory

Business/Service Directory by Catagory


Marie Stratford    444-3322


Roth TV and Appliance  444-3421


Anders Norgaard   444-2481

Kollmorgen, Schlue & Zahradnik   444-3285

Auction Companies

Tubaugh Auction Co   444-2413

Weeda Auction            444-3325

Auto Body Repair /Towing & Services/ Truck Repair

Americ Service & Repair   444-2507

Cars”R”uss Auto Body     444-3131

Cory’s Truck & Tire     434-6137

Eastside Body Shop    444-3366

H & L Repair      444-4422

Veit’s Auto Repair    444-2040

Auto Dealers

John Grieder Motor        444-2259

Thys Motor Company    444-2163

Auto Parts & Accessories

Barron Motor Supply     444-2021

CarQuest Auto Parts      444-2747

Banks/ Savings & Loan

Chelsea Savings Bank    444-3144

Midwest One Bank         444-2842

Bed & Breakfast

Belle Plaine Inn – Coming Soon

Bowling Alley

Belle Plaine Bowl        444-2720

Car Washes

Belle Plaine Car Wash & Storage    444-3549

D&M Car Wash      444-3477

Carpet & Flooring

Double Take Design   444-2082

Catering Service

The Catering Shop     434-6030

Cellular Services

US Cellular     434-6121


Belle Plaine Chiropractic   444-2555

Walter Family Chiropractic   444-3515

Cleaning Services

Quality Customized Cleaning   444-7111

Ultra Clean Co     444-4111


New 2 You    319-540-7306

Wittrock T-shirts  434-6470

Coffee Shops

By The Cup   444-7089

Computer Repair & Sales/ Supplies  

Belle Plaine Computers    434-6379


Hamilton Construction & Concrete    444-1059

Manatts     444-2820

Consignment Stores

New 2 You    319-540-7306


Garling Construction   444-3409

Hamilton Construction & Concrete   444-1059


Belle Plaine Dental

Discount Stores

Dollar General        444-4187

Fabric Store/Alterations

Grama Putts Fabric Garden   1-563-260-0089

Fitness Center

Great Life Fitness    434-6141

Florists/ Nursery’s & Greenhouses

Belle Plaine Nursery      444-3021

Harris Greenhouse and Garden Center    444-3001

Timber Gate Garden-Wedding Florals    444-2552

Funeral Homes

Hrabak Funeral Home   444-2240


Double Take Design      444-2082

True Value – Belle Plaine Furniture   444-2541

Gas/ Gas Stations and Convenience Stores

Casey’s General Store          444-9909

Grieder Standard Service     444-2945

Zip Mart   444-4050

Golf Course/Country Club

Belle Plaine Country Club      444-3113

Grocery Store

Country Foods       444-2624

Gutters & Downspouts

Precision Sheet Metal    434-6343

Hair Salons and Tanning

Annette’s Styling Hutch    444-3277

Connie’s Hairvana     434-6368

Hair Hut     444-3898

Judi’s His & Hers Design   444-3449

Styling With Trish   444-4058

Wave Station    434-6144

Hardware Stores/ Paint & Supplies

Belle Plaine Lumber    444-2540

True Value   444-2541

Hunting Lodge & Guiding

Iowa Pheasants & More     444-3912


Sankot Implement  444-2262

Insurance Agencies

Drahn Insurance Agency    444-3109

Johnson Insurance Co         444-2255

Interior Design

Double Take Design     444-2082

Lawnmower Sales/Service

Grieder Standard Service    444-2945


Belle Plaine Community Library  444-2902

Liquor Sales/ Wine Sales

Belle Plaine Pharmacy   444-2480

Country Foods   444-2624

Dollar General   444-4187

Grieder Beverage Depot     434-6443

Timber Gate Garden-Wedding Florals    444-2552

Zip Mart   444-4050

Livestock Equipment & Farm Supplies

Friedman Farm Supply    444-3477

Friedman Distributing   444-3150


Belle Plaine Lumber     444-2540

Pierce Lumber   444-2933

Metal Fabrication & Molds

Iowa Metal Products    434-6162

Iowa Mold & Engineering   444-2221

Movie Theater

King Theatre     434-6025


Belle Plaine Area Museum    434-6093


The Star Press Union   444-2520

Nursing Home/Nursing Rehab

Belle Plaine Nursing & Rehab Center      444-2500


Hartig Drug      444-2480

Cornerstone Apothecary   444-2290


Your Memories Photography    319-350-0898

Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation

Accelerated Rehab Center     434-6150

Physician – Family Practice

Belle Plaine Family Practice     444-2840


Ehlen Plumbing & Heating    444-2229

Post Office


Radio Stations

Voice of Belle Plaine    322-VOBP (8627)


Four County Realty   444-3144

Storm Realty    444-3749

Weeda Realty   444-2779

Restaurants, Deli’s and Places to eat

Country Foods Deli   444-2624

Grand Central Station   434-6385

Ice House Drive-In (seasonal)   444-4444

Oasis Bar & Grill  444-1002

Subway       434-7827

Seed Dealers – Agricultural

Precision SOYA    444-2001

Vogel Pioneer Warehouse   444-3768

Shoe Store & Leather Repair

Drahos Shoe Store      444-2707

Specialty Gifts

Belle Plaine Pharmacy    444-2480

Cornerstone Apothecary  444-2290

Drahos Shoe Store    444-2707

Timber Gate Gardens-Wedding Florals   444-2552

Storage Units

Belle Plaine Car Wash & Storage       444-3549

Belle Plaine Storage Company            444-2790


Grand Central Station   434-6385

Oasis Bar and Grill    444-1002

Office Tap        444-2846

Tax Preparers

Anders Norgaard   444-2481

Kollmorgen, Schlue & Zahradnik   444-3285

Marie Stratford    444-3322

Telephone & Cable Services

Coon Creek Telecommunications   888-823-6234

DIRECTV  855-463-7359

HughesNet  800-794-1830

Iowa Telecom         1-877-901-4692

Media Com Cable   1-800-542-7898

Thrift Stores

The Cobblestone  1-641-990-6731   COMING SOON IN MARCH 2014

Veterinary Clinic

Countryside Veterinary Clinic     444-3020


the history

History of Belle Plaine

The City of Belle Plaine, population 2534 is located in the Southwest corner of Benton County approximately 2 miles north of the Iowa River. The name “Belle Plaine” is said to mean “Belle of the Prairie” or Beautiful Plain” and was chosen at the same time the railroad came.  The land consisted of high prairie grass with the only wooded area along the rivers and creeks. Deer and wildfowl were plentiful and the streams a fisherman’s paradise. Today hunting and fishing are still enjoyed and trees are bountiful throughout the entire city.

In 1856 the first post office was established after eight families came from Tennessee to join the original seven families.

Mr. and Mrs. William White came to Belle Plaine in 1861 and built the first frame house, first store building on Main Street and built the first bridge across the Iowa River.

In 1864 the town grew rapidly and its solidity was established. The years from 1862 to 1872 brought settlement of the prairie, permanent establishment of the town, and the beginnings of commerce and culture.

Two events are special in the history of Belle Plaine.

In 1886 a well being drilled sprang water up 53 feet in the air causing what is now known as “Jumbo Well.” It took 14 months to harness the well.

In 1894 a great fire occurred destroying almost 5 solid blocks of businesses (approx. 80 businesses).

In the 1920’s the “Lincoln Highway” came through Belle Plaine. This was the first transcontinental highway and brought many travelers through the town.

Today Belle Plaine has continued to grow. We have major manufacturers and employers whom make up a sizable workforce.  Our schools are not consolidated and consist of Longfellow Elementary and the Belle Plaine High School & Junior HIgh. Kirkwood Community College has a campus here and our Community Library is one of the finest in the area.

In addition the city has 5 parks including an Aquatic Facility, ball diamonds, basketball court, tennis courts, volleyball, disc golf, park shelters, camping pads with electricity and new playground equipment.  We also have a movie theatre, a 9 hole golf course and airport.

belle plaine police department

Commitment to the Community

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Full-Time Police Officers:  Jeff Harnish, Ben Eden & Austin Wille Part-Time Police Officers:  Tyler Brandt Reserve Officers:  Les Wood, David Wildeboer, & Patrick McLeod Traffic: State and Municipal laws are enforced to maintain the safety in Belle Plaine. Officers have the discretion to issue warnings or citations for violations of traffic laws; however, once a citation has been issued an Officer can not dismiss or tamper with a citation. Only a judge or prosecuting attorney can request that it be dismissed. Domestic Violence: The BPPD has adopted a zero-tolerance policy regarding domestic violence. State law requires that an arrest be made where there is probable cause that an assault occurred. Special Operations: The BPPD provides a bicycle patrol for special events and for monitoring activity in the downtown area when there is adequate staffing. This bicycle patrol is utilized as staffing levels allow. Security Checks: If you are going out of town and would like us to monitor your home, please call or stop by City Hall and fill out a Security Check Form. This is a free service to provide you with peace of mind while you are away. Nuisance Abatement: The BPPD is responsible for enforcement of the City’s Nuisance Ordinance. This is done as a quality of life measure and to keep our city looking beautiful. Citizen’s Complaints: If you have a complaint regarding the performance of a member of the BPPD, please request a “Citizen’s Complaint Process” packet. The packet provides information regarding the process for making a formal complaint and how complaints are handled. We welcome constructive criticism so that we may provide the community with the best service possible. Citizens Observer Program: If you are a Belle Plaine resident and would like to observe a shift with a Belle Plaine Police Officer through a ride-along, please contact the BPPD to receive a Citizen’s Observer Request/Waiver Form and to arrange an appointment. Animal Control: The BPPD is responsible for all animal control functions for stray or lost dogs and cats in the City limits of Belle Plaine. Belle Plaine residents are required to purchase an animal license annually for each dog and/or cat they own. The police department has humane animal traps that are available to citizens of Belle Plaine to borrow to help capture nuisance stray cats or other animals. Stray cats and dogs that are picked up by the officers are taken to Countryside Vet Clinic and are placed into an indoor kennel to protect the animal, and provided with food and water. To claim an animal you may contact the vet clinic at (319) 444-3020 during business hours. Prior to an animal being released an impound fee must be paid at City Hall.

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