belle plaine police department

Commitment to the Community

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Full-Time Police Officers:  Jeff Harnish, Ben Eden & Austin Wille Part-Time Police Officers:  Tyler Brandt Reserve Officers:  Les Wood, David Wildeboer, & Patrick McLeod Traffic: State and Municipal laws are enforced to maintain the safety in Belle Plaine. Officers have the discretion to issue warnings or citations for violations of traffic laws; however, once a citation has been issued an Officer can not dismiss or tamper with a citation. Only a judge or prosecuting attorney can request that it be dismissed. Domestic Violence: The BPPD has adopted a zero-tolerance policy regarding domestic violence. State law requires that an arrest be made where there is probable cause that an assault occurred. Special Operations: The BPPD provides a bicycle patrol for special events and for monitoring activity in the downtown area when there is adequate staffing. This bicycle patrol is utilized as staffing levels allow. Security Checks: If you are going out of town and would like us to monitor your home, please call or stop by City Hall and fill out a Security Check Form. This is a free service to provide you with peace of mind while you are away. Nuisance Abatement: The BPPD is responsible for enforcement of the City’s Nuisance Ordinance. This is done as a quality of life measure and to keep our city looking beautiful. Citizen’s Complaints: If you have a complaint regarding the performance of a member of the BPPD, please request a “Citizen’s Complaint Process” packet. The packet provides information regarding the process for making a formal complaint and how complaints are handled. We welcome constructive criticism so that we may provide the community with the best service possible. Citizens Observer Program: If you are a Belle Plaine resident and would like to observe a shift with a Belle Plaine Police Officer through a ride-along, please contact the BPPD to receive a Citizen’s Observer Request/Waiver Form and to arrange an appointment. Animal Control: The BPPD is responsible for all animal control functions for stray or lost dogs and cats in the City limits of Belle Plaine. Belle Plaine residents are required to purchase an animal license annually for each dog and/or cat they own. The police department has humane animal traps that are available to citizens of Belle Plaine to borrow to help capture nuisance stray cats or other animals. Stray cats and dogs that are picked up by the officers are taken to Countryside Vet Clinic and are placed into an indoor kennel to protect the animal, and provided with food and water. To claim an animal you may contact the vet clinic at (319) 444-3020 during business hours. Prior to an animal being released an impound fee must be paid at City Hall.

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